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I started out living east Tennessee just wanting to be a songwriter, but I could not sing or play in any instruments. After writing several songs through school As soon as I got out of high school I started trying to put together bands to sing my songs. I quickly realized that wasn’t working, not everyone had the same commitment level I did!! A co-worker told me I was going about it all wrong if I just wanted music put to my lyrics, get a singer to do it. My dad heard the first demo that I made and told my son in the music business sing it. He told me all I needed was a programmer someone with a keyboard that could play. To make a long story short I hired 3 different keyboard programmers, one I got from church, another from the two-year college I attended with help from the music teacher, the last one through the want adds. This process taught me how to present my lyrics and melodies to the musician which I still use at times today. Once I had music to a few of my songs I joined the Knoxville songwriters club where I begin to learn how to shop songs and network everybody has their part that they do, some write the songs others sing the songs I believe you’re the writer! My brother later told me he had friends that could sing that for me, without knowing the conversation I had earlier with dad.  I got the messages!!  So I made rough demos for singers giving them the soundtrack to go in the studio and sing my song. To pick the right singer I had them all sing the same song, once the studio in Knoxville realized  what I was doing I told them not to let the singers know, they all were making a lot of money off me but I was laying my groundwork for Nashville and
Afterwritingrecordingandco producing several songs in Knoxville, by way of my job as was able to move to Nashville. With the help of radio stations in Knoxville, C
hattanooga, and L.A. I did this using all my vacation pay from my job and personal loans. Once I picked a singer and a steady programmer I wrote and produced my first CD, “World With No End”  I was defiantly a work in progress. To this day I will still buy back any copy of that one. The
 DJ’s there had given me contact info I had established way before I came so I was not a total stranger on music row My demos w
always excepted.  Six months of being in Nashville I signed my first publishing deal with Mix Brothers Publishing. The relationship I made with one of those producers would later open several doors for me as he went on to become a Grammy and Dove winning Producer. People were more willing to work with me after they knew he did. After leaving Mix Brothers I worked with Inter Music Library, A Publishing Company out of Los Angels. They came across one of my songs and offered me a two-year deal. They where super cool….
I knew once I was free again and could own all my stuff I was going to do things differently! Looking back I would not trade those publishing deals my time working with all those awesome programmers and producers no sir, they taught me so much about the business and the talent side of this thing. But with the urging of my SESAC Reps L.A and Nashville
, they suggested I not rush into anything the landscape in how music is marketed is changing!
Because of the marketing change I have gone back to the way it all started for me, writing and producing my songs sung by tomorrows Artist today where you will hear them on radio stations across the country and on itunes and spotfy.
This is not half my story but enough to let you know we at Alvin Willis Music are writing songs for the Best singers in the world, if we like you we have you sing a song written or co-written by my team and put you out there!!! We even pay you to sing the song, then we do all the rest. I urge everyone to check out theses featured artist for yourself and show them some love!!
It is our joy and mine personally to be one of the first to feature theses guys!!
Some have Major labels that I work closely with others are with inde labels or independent artist just needing some help instead of somebody taking there money!!   

#Alvin Willis Music where you hear tomorrows Songs and Artist played today! #    

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